March Update

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This has been a very interesting and very busy year so far. There are many items that are out of stock again, but rest assured we will be receiving new stock very soon, along with some new items inspired from Lord of the Rings. Again, I must explain that we are not jewellers, we do not design or create the inspired items. We merely find and procure them to make it easier and quicker for South Africans to obtain these items, especially when you’re looking for a gift, and your friends birthday is just a few days away. Many of you have requested items, and I am doing my best to find these items. As always, your help is needed. Mystique Gifts has a passion for movies and inspired items, but we don’t always know what you want. Send us a message if there’s anything you’re looking for, because chances are that many other people are looking for it too. If you’re waiting for the new stock to arrive, please join us on Facebook to receive immediate updates when our website had been updated with the new...

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November Update

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This is the first Mystique news update since the launch of our website. Our unique handcrafted gifts have proved popular, especially our “Inspired” items. There are many inquiries and questions that have been asked and a few of them will be addressed here. We are not jewellery makers. However, if the design you are looking is available or we can find something similar, we will help as best we can. There are several customers who were looking for a specific design, and we have managed to find something that matches their needs almost exactly. We are constantly increasing our stock and product range. Our new stock of One Rings has just arrived, but unfortunately we are still out of stock on Mockingjay Pins and Vervain Lockets, two of our most popular items. We are expecting stock to arrive by the end of this month. We have recently listed a special item, which is rather expensive, with good reason. It is the most unusual piece of jewellery, made with precision and skill. The Illusion Locket is a beautifully designed pendant created by Illusion Lockets, who have patented the product. We have it listed at a high price because of import and duty costs, as it is imported from United States, Idaho. The pendant is available in wood or acrylic, and in many different colours. It comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, along with a picture punch, double sided tape, instructions, and a certificate of authenticity. Do not hesitate to contact us about items you are looking for. We stock our unique items of choice, but there are hundreds of other items available and we also want to know what you are looking for. We specialise in unique items that are very difficult to find. So whatever you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for...

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